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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I knew you when

There are some people in your life and memories that were bigger than life, and you knew instinctively that the crowd they ran with could not be your crowd, so you watched them shine and never tried to be a part of their life. At least that's how I handled those people.

There are some people who let you know that you do not matter to them and the crowd they run with, but that's another story. I met a few of the shining, stinking stars along my journey.

So I saw one of the former type make a FB comment to an old friend and visited his page and discovered that whatever happened in his career, he recently retired to the big Island of Hawaii. So, even though we only share an alma mater, I am going to ask to be apart of his FB world, and that makes me feel good. Just hope he remembers me.

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