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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bubba, the Kid, the Frat Boy and the Aussie

I am going to invite Bubba to visit my church next week so I can get more butts in the seats. The mega church up the street is inviting a pro quarterback so why can't I invite Bubba.

For the last many years the winner of the Masters has come from the last two gAroups of players, so Bubba is a great pick. Of course there is the young phenom, Spieth, who Bubba wants to win if he can't. They are friends. Bubba is a professing Christian who lives it out, and yes he is self taught and struggles with some sort of attention deficit syndrome that makes him feel awkward in public and makes the concentration it takes to win at golf quite a more amazing accomplishment.

Of course, by tonight he could be a loser, and then people would not want to come see him because we only love winners in America.
But, win or lose, Bubba is my man, and he will probably not be able to come to my church, so I am inviting an even bigger loser than Bubba to speak here, The Apostle Paul, who suffered the loss of all things that he might gain Christ.

Now thats my kind of loser.

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KC Bob said...

Love both Bubbas. Saw Watson interviewed on MoJoe after he won the Masters and was very impreseed.