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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Can two walk together unless they agree?

Me and my sisters and mom, on vacation in the 50s.

Sometimes belief brings tension instead of resolving tension. The human condition has a hard time tolerating differing views. I am pretty sure that is why denominations flourished after the reformation. Once we got to be our own interpreters of scripture we just kept narrowing our doctrines to exclude those whose views differ.

For a long time I was convinced that if we could decide on a way of interpretation, a hermeneutic, then I was sure we could reach unanimity and unity in our convictions.

This last great search in my life has been the most rewarding and frustrating of my life, because the changes wrought deep in my heart have been so wonderful, and the opposition to some of the core ideas has been so damaging to the peace it has wrought in the confindence I have in God's plan of the ages.

You want the sheeple to graze in your pasture, and as you try to lead them there, they bite.

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Anonymous said...

If it was the 50's, where am I. I think this was just after you moved south and I was in college in the early 60's. You were in 3rd grade when you moved from Oneonta.