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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bluetooth is a silly name

I am currently enjoying a stereo bluetooth headset when I workout in the gym. This technology allows you to hear great music and not be tethered to the source. I can put my phone on a ledge during the weight lifting and enjoy the freedom of sound with a neat necklace type object with ear pods around my neck.

So the phone pulls a list of songs from the cloud, (wow, Ive looked at clouds a new way now), and loads into my phone, and then it sends them wirelessly to my device.

Music, is one of the constants in my life for the connection to beauty and message and the God who tells a very good news message of his creative love, and hope for the future.

When life gets a bit strained, the little things tide us over to more settled waters.

Currently enjoying the sound track to The Lucky One, and Sarah Barellies, The Blessed Unrest, and Katherine Jenkins Collection of Hits.

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