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Monday, April 14, 2014

Everyman Bubba wins Masters

These two men were part of my life when I pick up golf after seminary. We would meet for nine holes between his lunch and dinner shifts at the cate he ran in Crystal Springs, Jim on the right had a terrible swing, loved the game and I heard he died on the golf course, as he would want to. Golf is really about friends and fun and competion with yourself.

It's very heartwarming to see those gentile giants of a couple hugging after Bubba's win. The pros are changing swings and swing coaches, and Bubba takes his self taught swing and pink driver and gets the job done.

I am so happy for he has become a crowd favorite, and speakes of his accomplishments as blessings, the key to Christian living in my mind. We work hard and try to achieve but then God gets the praise as our creator and redeemer and the one who accepts our dingy clay as we are, flaws and all.

Now back to taxes and my own real life.

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