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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Strange things are happening!

I often am drawn to driftwood in my photo walks by the ocean.

We had an old turntable when I was growing up with very few records, but one that burned into my memories was a song by Red Buttons,
Strange things are happening.

It is strange to me that Christians are incensed when the CEO of a software company is fired for being too conservative in his traditional values, and we scream, They can't do that!

Then a Christian Organization states in principle that they were not oppossed to employing a same sex person in a state sanctioned marriage and in two days 7000+ Christians exercise economic sanctions, angry judjmental words at the phone employees, and instant withdrawal of funds that were feeding poor children around the world, to "punish" World Vision for its stand to uphold the laws of their home state and keep doing that which they do, which is helping poor people and children. Strange things are happening.

I know we should try to get our country to uphold traditional values, but this is not the most important issue. We should model what
Christ told us to do, which is preach the gospel, serve each other and the world and model the world to come in our fellowships.

People in our country can use the freedom of their pocket books however they want, but the movement against the mission of World Vision was reactionary and a poor witness, in my opinion. Nothing in your boycott with change the struggle with marriage identity, but everything will affect those families and communities being helped by this and other organizations who minister in the survival of children in struggling nations and cultures.

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