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Monday, April 21, 2014

Desert Spring

Well, with all the turbulent and extra cold weather around our country, the desert southwest has had a mild dry winter and a delightful spring. It is always short and already the temps are climbing. Twice a year we engage in our home and marriage in a season of holding out against "store bought air". We see how long we can allow our home to remain without A/C running.

The challenge is the inversion that takes place in late afternoon. This early am it is 67 degrees outside and 70 inside as a result of fans and an open screen door in the bedroom. When it gets above 90 our home gets towards an uncomfortable 85 or so. I am sure one of us will break soon, but it adds a touch of spice to life, a conversation to be had, and some appreciation to those early settlers out here who relied on shade and various forms of water spray to cool their environments.

On a sadder note we had a sweet man collapse at the end of the service and be transported by ambulance to an emergency room. He has not kin and it was quite a job to deal with hipa laws to find out where he was taken. Pray for Micheal.

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