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Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunshine Acres

There is a group home in north Mesa that has taken in troubled children for 60 years without receiving any federal funds so they could be independent and Christ centered. The widowed matriarch who founded the school with her pastor husband found a way to capture the hearts of many of our cities professional atheletes and many private donations have fueled the building of the campus and its thriving ministy.

We enjoyed seeing their young choir singing and praising the Lord last evening. We have been supporting them for many years.

As I was drifting off to sleep with thoughts of the day, of the things I had said and the people I had interacted with, I found myself in this constant private dialogue that often goes on in my head over the way I view things in the scripture and the body of Christ, and all the strange things that are happening around us and the divisive spirit that has settled into our public square....and it robbed me of sleep.

I try to silence the conversation and just concentrate on thanking the Lord that I am here and enjoying life, but sometimes I wish I had an off button in my brain. I need the sleep, and my inner discussion is changing no ones mind, not even my own. Sheesh.

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