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Monday, April 28, 2014

Soon You'll Know

Our neighbors in upstate New York, the Schlenkermans, our families were very close, their twin boys my best friends. He was a german POW who stayed here and was a baker. Many memories of playing in their house and yard.

Been getting lots of amusement at Korean Seung Yu Noh's name. Another first time winner in a PGA event. Soon you'll know the winner....when will I know? Soon you'll know. Get it?

Woke up on a crisp late April day with a committment to enjoy and be grateful for life.

Laura has four more teaching weeks.

I watch and pray for the world situation with hope and trust, and some sense of inevitablity.

I am glad Catholics know how to throw an enthronment, glad it means very little to me, and no offense meant by that statement.

Sad for those suffering from natural disasters.

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