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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thats me in my marching band days. Good times.

Hope your day is special, connected to the great memories of your past, and the hopes for the future. The floats are in the air and flying low to the ground. Families are freezing and kids are excited. It's America, the land of the free.

Our nation is in a crisis of leadership and direction and much division, but the cooperation of the Macy's Thanksgiving parade reminds us of the good we enjoy. A Band that plays and marches with precision, the icons of our TV culture floating overhead to remind us we were all kids once, and much of what we do involves our children and our family.

Too many of my fellow Christians kind of fall into a trap of pronouncing this kind of celebration worldly. I think it is a part of the wonder of celebrating the fact that we are engaged with the beauty, drama, and celebration of life in our unique country. Sure its over the top, and a bit commercial, but that is kind of who we are.

The fact that I am not a super consumer at my age is OK, and the fact that not everyone can fly to NYC to participate indicates that young folks have raised money in their home towns to make the trip of a lifetime, and someone somewhere needs the many goods and services that are available in a free market economy.

Long may our banner wave. Enjoy.


KC Bob said...

Love the pic Don! Are you in the middle?

Happy Thanksgiving!

FYI. Took 4 tries to get thru the captcha. I do not easily give up. :)

Don Hendricks said...

First on the left in a flipped digital capture.

No wonder no one comments!!!

Its still 2 hours till dinner here, getting hungry.