Hawaii 2010

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Hallowed Weeks are upon us

Boats like these were the origianal trans oceanic vehicles to get people to Hawaii. When we passed the souther part of Hawaii we were in the southermost part of the US, way south of Key West and sort of mid Mexico in longitude. This is where the original polynesian explorers landed to begin populating the chain.

The desert climate is perfect as we slide toward the finish of another year. I am thankful to be alive as I needed healthcare this year, and really, all the clamor and debate are about getting real healthcare when we need it, and the affordable healthcare act is very much an unproven commodity in these last weeks of the year.

When I began to sense that my heart was not functioning properly in August, one afternoon I felt so bad that I had to decide to sit it out, call 911, or go to the emergency room, or stop by my cardiologists office. The first three options all felt wrong, I was having high blood pressure but not chest pains. So I began the process that led to a stress test, an angiogram, stent number 15, and the opportunity to enjoy the next weeks of special memories, family, concerts and events, and having my wife relax at home with no outings for two weeks.

I would also hope to avoid any sense of rush, or concern about spending too much, as we are in retirement planning mode, or at least studying to see if we get to retire. I am hopeful, and thankful.

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