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Friday, November 22, 2013

Sleeping Through the Rain

That's the name of a song I use to lull me to sleep, and last night a rare reality as it rained steadily most of the night, and I know that because hip pain was an issue all night. I ca n live with lots of aging issues, but sciatic pain really impacts my sleep time.

Reflecting with a great deal of Thanksgiving my life viewed from five decades since the Kennedy Assasination. For some reason when we spent a weekend at the New York Worlds Fair my one souvenir was a pack of pictures of the early Kennedy years. I would leaf through that box of black and whites from time to time. I am sure I was a bit caught up in the youth and glamor of the first family at the time, but the sudden and tragic ending changed me forever.

Each decade was so full of discovery and joy, and a bit of struggle.

The 60s were full of rebellion, but mild and enjoyabe as I came of age and encountered personal faith.

The 70s were full of education, romance, and young love.

The 80s were full of service, and bills, and kids, and getting used to my adult self.

The 90s were filled with an attempt to reach my dreams, big geographic moves and adjustments

The 2000s were full of challenges in my health, my work, and my theological foundations.

This youngish decade has given me rest, deep joy, and a realization that life on this earth has an uncertain cancellation date.

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