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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday afternoon is my day of rest

It was Women's Club Rummage three day sale, and the things they have collected and sold is enormous each year as lifelong gatherers begin to let things and clutter go.

Its not quite fair for people to give VCR's to the club as the technology is dead and it just has to be hauled off, but that is their business.

I bought two wooden fighting elephants and a pill bowl, great purchases both, he said, generously.

I am committed to preparing the world for a new reformation, but realize that some things just need to be left alone to die or allowed to survive as a minority report for a while, or, sadly, to become a cancerous growth that hurts the faith of many. The church is always in conversation and reformation and sometimes disputation. Always slow to change and sometimes an obstacle to growth, but still part of the plan.

After sharing my heart, which was not as free as normal, I am letting it all relax in my comfortable chair. I have been using my fitness pal software for a week to track calories and help me learn to eat for health and not hunger. It's working.

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