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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Word O God

Sand Castles close to the ocean are destined to succumb to the tides of time.

In the south, where I am no longer from, preachers dropped the f from of, I think for dramatic effect, the phrase becomes more like one word.....Word-uh-God. Whats wrong,brother, don't you believe the worduhgod?

Just emerged from a discussion of the age of the earth with some of my folks and the legitimate question was asked. Why does this matter to you or to us how old the earth is?

My reply was not so much to defend science, although their a many major areas of study and many more ways to test the relative age of things than we who are not scientists know.

My issue was how do we believe and understand the word of God. If it is an unfolding revelation that starts with Moses describing creation and ends with Paul revealing a mystery long hidden and now revealed, then the handling of that revelation requires some nuances theologically and linguistically and culturally, and not to mention some understanding of the original languages of the ancient texts.

So if a guy pulls out a calculator and agrees that Moses was born around 1500 years before Christ and he begins to try substracting the geneology and the number of years of each listed generation, and if he further believes that God would never lie to us even if the statement is in a storied recollection of truths long preserved in the people of God, or people-uh-god, then you set biblical revelation, which ends in the miraculous against observation and knowledge, both of which we were commended by God to grow in as we exercise dominion over the earth, catching, cooking, planting, building, writing, ect. Then we create a situation where the Bible becomes impossible, which it was never supposed to be.

The wordogod says the earth is 6000 years old and was created in six twenty four hour days I would live and die on that if I was convinced that that was the writers and God's intent. What hurts is the spiritual abuse of sheperds who abuse in the name of the worduhgod. All scripture is inspired and helpful, but please don't send me on a search for trees of the field that are clapping their hands because of the w....uh....g....d!!!! Its a metaphor,,,and my own tongue in cheek sarcasm is a survival mechanism for which I ask your forgiveness.

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