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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

God Bless You

The ocean through a volcanic rift.

There is a little old man who drives his mobile chair to McQueen and Ocotillo and holds a sigh that says "God Bless You" as he waves at passing cars.

Having some struggles with nerve pain in my right leg, my chiropractor fixed it yesterday but it slipped or was pulled back out of place over night, still moving and lifting at the gym, which I enjoy.

Nice meeting with my financial advisors today, gettin my self employed act into gear so we can have enough to get to the end of our lives. Save, Save, Save.

One of my gym friends lost her father over the weekend, she reported that he was a lapsed Catholic and quite beligerent about his faith, but near the end he quietly submitted to the last rites. Interesting, and I was very grateful to have some input into my friends struggles to provide end of life care. We preachers need to get out among regular folks when we can.

Everytime I think violence against the innocent has reached new lows something else pops up, the Knock Out game is appallingly and completely evil. We need help Lord.

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