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Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to spend a rainy day

My siblings a year or two before the Kennedy Assasination.

The golf course was closed on account of rain. Huge cactus, decades old, gave up the ghost in crashing piles as the soil let them go. Deserts are not designed for long soaks like this, we don't have quick absorption so the city is on alert for flooding everywhere.

As this rain coincided with my off day, I took full advantage along with my cat to read and relax and enjoy the freshness of the air. Laura, on the other hand, was surrounded by soggy children from before 7 am till they went home, with only a 20 minute lunch to catch a breathe.

As much as we love our evening out with friends, Laura's dilapidated psyche and other issues caused us to stay home, put on our jammies, and carry the quiet refreshment of an evening at home to its completion.

I watched some of the ceremony in cold and wet Dallas. I did some pre Thanksgiving thankfulness for the life God has granted me in this nation, as I have somehow skirted the worst of the damage done by hostility, war, and enmity, and have mostly been allowed to live a quiet and peaceful life, of which this quiet day was a pleasing example.

Thirteen was always a good number to me, despite its bad reputation, and 2013 will go down in my books as a good year. We enjoyed three of our favorite places on earth, New Orleans, Pensacola, and Hawaii. We saw family and friends. I continued to deepen my understanding of the gospel of grace and peace, and survived another summer in the desert, thanking God that there are occassional streams in the desert that make life recharge itself.

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