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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On sitting for an hour at the DMV

Ironman Triatheletes are not normal people, and are not pitiful, they are supermen and women, at least physically.

It's one of those places where the people are on the outside and the government are behind the desks helping you get drivers licenses or change ownership of vehicles etc.

It is one of those places where the wealthiest and the simplest, the youngest and the oldest must wait for their number to be called, no paying to get to the front of the line, all God's chillen gotta wait.

As I watch the crowd around me I still remember an impression we have gotten for all of our 25 years in AZ. Folks here do not dress up for anything.

Teenagers dress to impress their peers, not their parents, but that has not changed anywhere.

Overall I observed a pretty pitiful group of humans, no Thors, no Supermans, no James Bonds. And I wondered why God would love us as we are. And I know how easily it is for me to see so many differences between every human being in the room, and wonder how God could see the best and the worst in their hearts and still desire fellowship with people who are in general pretty normal and pretty pitiful.

I go to the DMV as rarely as possible, too many thoughts going through my head as I wait for my number to come up.

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