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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Does Change require major foul ups?

Interesting architecture at the aging Royal Kona Resort, owned by Pleasant Hawaiian Vacations, who books the rooms at a rate higher than the rooms and amenties are worth compared to newer resorts. Very nice ocean view and outdoor restaurant/bar with awesome ambience.

What if the problems with the Obama Care Website were non existent? What if enrolling was a simple breeze? Would we be locked in the spiraling downward fall of this administrations popularity? In other words, did it take a sign up disaster to create the need to reconsider the full implications of this bill?

I wonder where the church would be if, 500 years ago, when Luther asked his 95 questions, if the church had welcomed the questions and opened a time of questioning and study with a willingness to correct that which was proven wrong. I know its useless to rewrite history, but my point is that the poor execution or response to any important issue will affect the actual reception or rejection of the issue.

When the Catholic Church sought to silence Luthers efforts at reform, for better or worse it gave people a chance to escape the system that was full of error and power abuse and centuries of stoggy and painful tradition.

Even if our efforts to get back to the plan have been less than perfect, the fruit has been quite real in the process of reforming the body of Christ in its outward forms.

Most people will not doubt the ship they sailed on, until it springs a leak. So...thank God for leaks, that create alarm, and the need for reexamination.

We are there, western Christianity, get down on your knees, with your brain, and check the structure of the ship, the gospel ship.

So much suffering in the islands of the Phillipines, thanks to all rushing aid to the area.

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