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Friday, July 26, 2013

The joy of reading

This family of missionaries in Thailand changed one little girls life by adopting her. She was born with aids, and this loving family made a decision to save her and love her and raise her, and who knows the effects of this love with have on the future.

The books, the teachings, the music from one era affect and change another, as does a personal decision to live in a way that honors and respects humanity. That is one of the themes of Cloud Atlas, and even though he intimates that one soul may have more than one chance to make a difference or improve, it still makes powerful points about culture and society and her tendency to decay, and power and her tendency to destroy. I really enjoyed struggling through the novel and owning the movie, which I am ready to rewatch now that I have a grasp of the authors intent. The struggle was not about the story and characters, but about the dialects and language use that kept me reading slowly in some points, and using the dictionary many times to grasp a word meaning, every great writer has been a voracious reader.

Our church has a website, if you desire to see a bit of what my ministry here in Sun Lakes looks like and how it is described please visit, and if you have the patience and the bandwidth, you can check out my messages from I John 4, more to follow. The address is www.sunlakescommunitychurch.org and the content will be changing weekly so visit from time to time.

Part of my day off will be enjoyed with a friend, a bit of time on the driving range, some time with my camera outside, and a shift to the weekend schedule of preparing to share a message of grace and hope.

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