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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The path less traveled.....

Inside the Oldest Catholic Church with continous weekly services in the US. Found myself realizing how much Latin I could read based on my knowledge of icons and church sayings.

The path to the bathroom at the old Jax Brewery building, amazing how hard it is to find a place to go when you need to in N.O.

So, the other week I heard a brief teaching on Muslim hermeneutics. Basically, anything that comes later that contradicts an earlier statement, is the truer truth. This is why Muslims can be peace loving, or radicalized. Some take the love texts seriously and some take the jihad texts more serioiusly.

Christians have differing hermenuetics as well, some read our Bible all literally and all with equal application to today. Thus creating an angry Jehovah with vengeful followers. Some see the back of the book fullfilling and changing God's whole way of relating to the world, the way of Jesus. They tend to be forgiving, grace filled, compassionate, and hopeful.

Muslims become what they believe about God's purposes, and so do Christians. I have seen Christians who are proud, full of hatred toward others, extremely judgmental, and sure God's next move comes from the back of our book, Armaggedon and the lost of 2 Billion people from the earth.

John said it, "in this world we are like Jesus".

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