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Monday, July 29, 2013

Can I afford the anger?

My facebook friends who are politically observant are very angry at government and the direction of things as they see them. They post sarcastic, and almost hateful pictures, remarks, posters that call for change and return to values.

Each day our elected officials attempt to govern and set policies and directions for our deeply divided country, and social media often becomes the place to air our frustrations with so many issues.

Sometimes when I am enjoying what is happening in someones life, or some amusing incident or photo or video is shared, I enjoy the FB experience, but when it is a constant barrage of anger against the president, the congress, the media etc. the anger feels polluting to my soul and spirit.

I don't want to be one of those folks who lost the future for failure to do something to make it better....I am just not sure this ranting is getting us where we need to be. Just sayin....!

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Lynn Beck said...

Oh Don - I so agree with you. There is something so toxic about hate-filled rants. My guess is that we have always had such, but social media spreads them so rapidly. The word "viral" is a good one to describe what is happening. It's as if there is a very contagious and serious virus among us. Thanks for posting