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Saturday, July 27, 2013

We all need help to see how we are swinging at the ball

This is Pepper, our kids puppy, high strung and energetic. Reminds me very much of my college dog Don-Anna.

Yesterday I drove to Leisure World to visit my friend Jack and got an unexpected treat. Two young golf teachers in training took a look at my golf swing, made three or four small recommendations, and suddenly the ball was flying higher and further than normal. Got a putting lesson as well, almost an hour of free help. Very cool.

Not major changes, just stopping a little habit, the way my head moves, the way I bring the clubhead back to the ball, and the results were amazing. Wrote them down so I can keep working on it.

We all need others to look at our swing, at our attitudes, at our set of core beliefs and principles, at just about everything. No man is an island. That is why I read the thoughts of others on subjects, because they change my own set ways of thinking.

Golf is a repetitive movement, and sometimes these little things that mess up your swing don't show up and you have a great day, but then they creep back in. I confess that I have mostly been unwilling to seek professional help because of my stingy wallet, so this free clinic was an eye opener that I hope leads to better golf.

Have not been so stingy when a book promises to help me on a certain subject that I have interest in. I am always blessed by study and pondering the truth of things.

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