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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I have been razzed unmercifully about the shortness of those shorts. They seemed cool at the time. But catch a look at those man legs!!!! Too funny!!!!

George Orwell's famous dystopian novel of a dark future, just happens to coincide with the year I bought my first computer, a privately thrown together IBM XT with no memory and floppy disks that made the whole thing work with DOS. I loved the learning curve, the first funny games, the joy of typing out my sermons without the clack of a typewriter and the need of whiteout, oh the joy of the backspace key.

Today our tech lady who is trying to get our new church website online, has asked us to do several things, assuming we understand what she means, and I am feeling old and stupid, because it sounds like a foreign lanquage. "set up these three accounts, and diret them to the new domain".....domain?, that sounds downright Orwellian!

So, we are going to have our own information website which I will direct you to visit when it goes online, and we are wondering whether this will really have any affect on attendance, or congregational well being, or whatever, because its really cool looking and full of places to visit, but will it change anything that matters?

I am hoping so, especially the sharing of video sermons with the members gone for the summer, hoping they are advance enough and have enough bandwidth to listen.

The information age technology has really been fun for me to learn, and a real help with preparing messages and keeping in touch with the wider world, but I still feel overwhelmed by how much you have to learn to stay anywhere near the cutting edge.

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