Hawaii 2010

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Things worth noting today

Sun Lakes Community Church is building a website. Not as easy as saying it. Lots of work to choose the host, pick the templates, decide on what we want to share with members and the world. People really use the web in case you have not noticed.

Had many deja vu like memories because our vacation was a basic repeat of the one we took in 2010. I was thankful to make 60 then, and this Saturday celebrate 63. Keep asking the Lord for more time to enjoy this life, and trying to cooperated with the laws of healthy living, mostly.....except for buffets.....every now and then.

Laura's vacation is almost over and they bring kids back in July to deal with this oven like monsoon weather. Not fun.

We are putting together the five pieces of our Hawaiian trip, room, car, plane, trips, food stops. Departing early October and very thankful for an alone vacation.

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