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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Zoom and Gloom?

If you enlarge these you can see how the right side goes soft and the edges of all sides are not sharp in landscape pics.

So...you all know I enjoy photography, and just recording the events of my wonderful life. This all started seriously when I entered the pastoral ministry, bought a used Yashica, a new Ricoh (I really loved that black beauty), a series of less than 100 dollar point and shoot film cameras, and then my first digitalin 2003, A Gateway, followed by a Canon point and shoot, and then in 2008 my Canon Xsi, and new the Canon T4i.

I had the kit lens, and upgraded to a Canon 15-85 Zoom in 2010 and it has been my goto lens which has taken some beautiful, crisp, and stunning shots.....until....December of 2012.

I thought it was my new camera, but something happened the weekend of Doug and Lydia Moesta's visit to sing for our church. After hearing that something was wrong I traced my pictures back to that weekend, and surmise the lens was bumped, dropped, or sat too long in a hot car??

It's in the Tempe Camera Shop for diagnosis this morning, and I await a call with a sense of Zoom and Gloom.

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Lynn Beck said...

"Zoom and gloom" is a great way to describe it! I hope they get it fixed and that you're back to snapping more wonderful photos soon.