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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kicking Evil's Butt on the Big Screen

We enjoyed Superman last night with special interest on my part to the religious tones of a man who unveils his true purpose at 33 and faces giving his life to save the world.

Of course, the evil one who demanded the ransom could not be trusted to keep his word, so Superman ended up in a colossal battle that uses all the themes of the comic and movie series over the years with some really great twists.

We learn why Zod is motivated to destroy Superman, much more interesting that the silly, I will be bowed down to, of the Reeves era.

I loved that Lois Lane sleuths out who Superman is very early and gets to play a huge role in beating the bad people, very modern.

Loved the fact that Jorel continues to have a presence throughout the movie though he is long gone physically.

This Superman is very convincing in his goodness, and in his manhood, which made the spiritual imagery tolerable for me.

Lots of buildings being destroyed, boy does Hollywood love to destroy things with explosions in the movies today.

We were very entertained in this long movie, still left wondering if in this reboot Lois knows Clark and is just playing along when he comes to work at the Daily Planet. I predict this Superman will survive to make another sequel.

Here is Ben posing GQ like at Quiettwater Beach, he likes to think of himself as a really cool dude, and he is, most times.

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