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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My second season

Liberty is precious and life is full.

The nature of our community is interesting in that many folks who retire here maintain residence in other states, or own summer homes in nicer climates.

May through September we operate on a limited schedule of Sunday worship. In our church culture of constant activity this may seem strange, but its a flow that I have come to accept and enjoy. Seniors really do need to pace themselves, and to invest time in extended family, and yes, even retired folks take vacations.

For me it is a chance to do just the same thing, change gears, see family, travel a bit, enjoy Laura at home for six too quickly passing weeks. In the life of the spirit and mind, I can respond to the directions I have sensed in my studies and spiritual life to uncover different stones, recover better practices, discover new ways of thinking. I am thankful for this second season.

Someone wrote this morning about the uniqueness of our thoughts about God. They are, at their worst or best, only our thoughts. God in reality is probably better than our best thoughts, but the joy of thinking about God is the joy of being in a spiritual relationship with Him.

I listen to all the shocking things that go on in this broken world, I do my best to be informed and to form opinions, but my thoughts about God do more to shape my future and my hope than any other life practice. I rejoice in His power and goodness and the ways in which He is going about reconciling this world to Himself through Christ.

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