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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The summer is almost here.

I logged some time yesterday reading in my new recliner and plan to spend a few more reading over the holiday weekend.

I am in a good place as to my summer goals, I am in a needy place as to a deep exhaustion that is deeper than a good nights sleep. Something needs to be replenished or replaced for me to be ready for the fall.

God is good, and will help me as I seek Him, and enjoy a needed time away in a few weeks.

Emphasized the God who allows trials and difficulties and even hides our work and destiny from the world. Accepting that this dangerous and costly freedom to follow good or evil is a part of this present darkness and the light we are allowed to bring into the world by an alien righteousness and a lavish love.

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Anonymous said...

Will pray that your summer brings you the refreshment that you desire and your fall is a time of sharing in the growth of the love of Christ by your congregation.
Our best, Eden