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Friday, May 17, 2013

A recurring dream

I have this dream where I am ready to preach and have a great message but the musicians keep extending their part of the service and sharing things and although I am visible up front, the service ends without my message. The audience is clearly disappointed and wondering why I did not speak, but then someone else starts planning next weeks service and leaves me out again.

There is a huge new grocery store from the northwest that will soon have four locations in the valley. They are taking old Costco locations. My golf buddies stopped there yesterday. Huge.

Laura has just over a week of classes. I desire this to be a special summer for us. We are watching the last episodes of the shows we watch this week, we have been surprised by how much we enjoy the quirky "Elemenary" with Sherlock Holmes and a very cool Watson.

Laura likes Body of Proof which is getting the axe.

Tomorrow Ethan Allen is delivering my sleek leather recliner and ending a recliner drought in my house that goes back to the early mid 80s. I am not saying Laura is stubborn, but she just does not like the look of recliners. I always sit in them when I visit homes and I am very excited that my drought is over.

I am shocked that some writers for Christianity today actually think Dallas Willard and his teachings about prayer and meditation are off base. They have a sort of biblical idolatry that says there is no sensing God beyond the written word. They are wrong minded on this.

The screen on my laptop is malfunctioning and I am typing this using a Samsung TV monitor hooked to an hdmi cable which proves the computer brain is fine, just its display. What to do?

I am taking Protandim for health restoration, hoping it and the other suggested supplementations will delay the progress of heart disease, and I have no other explanation for the regrowth of hair on my lower legs where old men begin to lose it under the sock line. Bald lower legs is the bain of beach walking senior citizens.

Now you see how scattered my thoughts are on this Friday morning, have a great weekend.
A very cool guy in his senior prom outfit....do not look at how short the pants are!!!!


Anonymous said...

Weird dream--glad we haven't ever had to miss your message!
I have put up with a recliner in our house for most of my married years--glad you are getting one too!
Wanted to play golf this afternoon but drizzling and 58 degrees--bummer!
Double knee replacement looms on 6/14

Anonymous said...

Put in the wrong date for the knees--June 17th.
We also love Elementary and I commiserate with Laura--I like Body of Proof too