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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Coffee with suds

This is the woman who introduced me to coffee drinking so wonderfully long ago, and we have shared many cups together, including this morning, except she finished hers before I started mine.

In the office, brought leftover coffee from home, poured it into a cup with residue from my quick washing yesterday, stubborn enough to drink it with a slight aftertaste.

Stopped by to watch the progress on the blooming of a Century plant, which took considerably shorter time to bloom since it is a desert plant that gets watered weekly, but I am told after it blooms the whole thing will die. Pictures will follow.

Its almost June, my revitalization time.

Working on culling interesting family photos from my scanning and digitizing projects, not easy to do on a large scale.

Body of Proof is gone with a satisfying and surprising ending, her boss did it.

Laura says goodbye to another class of first graders today.

Laura has found a real special restaurant for a nice meal during our New Orleans visit, she got hungry just reading the website.

Enjoy your day.

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