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Thursday, May 23, 2013

I shall never Tweet

Pastors spend lots of time in large group functions. In this picture I told my folks I was giving free hugs, but I grew up in a family that were not huggers.

I barely facebook, although I love all the cute comments pictures and daily lives of my friends, I find myself content with this little blog, because you have to come visit, I am not putting myself in your face.

All this to say that the issue of extroverts and introverts has been in the Christian news when recently retired Pastor John Piper shared that he was an introvert and struggled with the social demands of his 33 plus year ministry in one place when it came to being in social situations.

A recent book named Introverts in the Church is making a splash in helping evangelicals give room for people who are often drained by group experience rather than charged by them. Interesting stuff, because I have struggled with this. Introverts are energized by solitude, they process things internally,they prefer depth over breadth. Many pastors with real callings are introverts, some who share this trait would surprise you, like mega church pastor Andy Stanley.

So Piper tweets a Bible verse from Job about the tornado, and he is called out by popular blogger and author Rachel Held Evans on the theological implications of an angry God who used disasters to urge repentance, one of Pipers consistent themes. You should read her responses on the blog listed by her name in yesterdays post.

I have been to Pipers church and conferences, and know his humility and integrity, but on this issue, I am far more persuaded by her comments than his. I am an introvert though, so I think about it alot without jumping into the fray.