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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Like minded men

Yesterday I enjoyed a breakfast with a group of men who are studying and thinking about life and God and redemption in generally the same way. Not because we all go to the same church or have the same creed or denominational list of beliefs, but because we believe that the modern evangelical church is off message.

Do we have these discussions because we believe that if we get it right, or at least better, that somehow everyone will listen when we explain our reasons for thinking? No, we study because we deeply desire the the gospel which is so beautiful be understood in our own hearts and minds and we will be changed, and then perhaps one or two will be interested enough to leave the sound bites and come to the feast of understanding and freedom. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

When the songs of freedom join with like minded people, then there can be openness to grow and change. I think we all hope we will see it.
First, ideas are tested, conclusions are challenged, and minority reports are not squelched. Then people begin to act in accordance to the sound of the refreshing song of redemption. I at least hope so, and so I will always enjoy the company of people seeking truth, not without testing our beliefs, but because we have tested them.

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