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Saturday, May 18, 2013

My peregrinations

My sister had an early Mustang, and I drove a 58 Morris Minor. Not very cool.

Peregrinations-humorous travels from place to place, a word I just learned and decided to use this morning. I was thinking about this house we live in and the furnishings which are pretty much complete. Each room has things Laura chose or things she kept from the past she loves. Our home is complete with the addition of one more chair scheduled to arrive this afternoon. Now I am sure something may break or wear out, but by in large we are happy with our stuff.

My own life has been full of peregrinations in which ideas and thoughts that were once comfortable furniture in my brain have been worn out or given away and replaced with new ones. I am pretty sure my new furnishings of the mind and heart are complete. I am just moving things here and there to see how they look together.

My peregrinations have taken me to large and small cities, to different denominations, in and out of several movements, certainly in and out of the affections of a number of people who felt more comfortable in older furniture.

I spoke to a pilot this week who loved what he did so much he continued flying till he was 73. He loved it, and though he switched from front seat to back seat and from people to freight he was still flying.

The Christian Church is like a plane, but its direction and destination depend on the pilot, and if the pilot and the passengers are headed for different places, it becomes like a peregrination, almost humorous in its wandering.

So my teachers used to say if you use a word three times the word becomes yours, and so I have, but can anyone figure out what I said?

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