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Monday, April 29, 2013

Word of Life

I have been engaging the Soterian Gospel discussion again. It's an attempt to correct the emphasis on the gospel presentation from a place where you go when you die. IE. Heaven or Hell, thus making it a veiled threat, to an announcment about life, the world of life, Christ's revealing the heart of God, and how that life can be ours, now,and it will be life changing and hope inducing and produce people who are young at heart, who enjoy this life, and have quiet confidence they will endure this age into the next, but are so committed to life together, with the body, serving the King, that our life was different.

If our life here is not different, don't expect your profession of faith to have the power to take you to that place, if the person has not captured your soul and life here. That's why those forming this discussion call the attempt to reform our thinking, The King Jesus Gospel, who is a life giver, first and foremost now, in this age, and then in the age to come.

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