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Friday, May 10, 2013

Diagnosis and change

There is a huge dry hay field on Indian property next to our subdivision, I was diagnosing and practicing with my new camera and trying to figure out why it is taking out of focus long shots.

Its golfing day, and the Player's Championship. I am trying to recover or find a golf swing that works more effectively. Last time out my friend was trying to describe why my drives are not working, and I remembered a comment during a swing analysis last weekend and I took a swing and actually felt it, the thing that I was doing wrong I did right, and the results were observable.

The right shoulder going under the swing instead of around, and suddenly shots were traveling with zip in the right direction. Thats whats so fun about this crazy game, you always have things to learn, diagnose, and practice so you change and get results.

Believe systems require a level of diagnosis and practice as well, and too many Christians never work at thinking and practicing any idea or belief differently for better spiritual results. This is not to say that Christianity is just about pragmatic change, but it is an agreement that a bad thought about truth leads to bad results in our Christian practice.

That's why the writing and thinking of men who have more life and Christian experience can be helpful. Allow them to mentor you like a better golfer mentors a golfer desiring to improve.

Since Dallas Willard described the "with God" life, where you journey through life with presence and transformation, and it works so much better that having a right belief that is a ticket to a place you go after you die. It makes life matter, and your score in terms of peace, power, effective living and loving.

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Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for sharing the thought from Dallas Willard Don Good stuff.