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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why are there any undecided voters?

My parents split their votes in 1960 for Nixon and Kennedy. I imagine it was my Mom who bolted from Ike Eisenhower to vote democratic because her maiden name was Kennedy. Who would not want to be asked if you are related to the President.

After that we were pretty much republican from the little I picked up in my family. It is one of God's amazing levelers that our children's values often are chosen in opposition to parents, they hear a different drummer and my boys are independent voters who really like our present President and are not all that sure that going back to the conservative ways is all that desirable.

What I cannot figure out is why we spend millions every four years to influence the undecided voters. Why have they not looked deeply into the political and philosophical and moral issues that are always before us and get a worldview.  If these people are really that clueless I wonder why we place our national hopes on them election after election.

Maybe there are people who say I vote for the person not the party, but I would hope it would be based upon some kind of political understanding of the issues. Just a rant, and a breath holding few weeks to see which way our country goes, more hope and change, or bring back the days of American exceptionalism and
fiscal responsibility. Or thats the way this son of a Kennedy mom sees it.


Dixie said...

Speaking as someone who used to be strongly right wing and could see no other way to be, I must say I have become one of those undecided voters.

I just don't see how any party can make the claim that they've got a complete handle on what a country needs. There is too much certainty and not enough humility.

Add to the fact that I'm from Canada where you have 3 to 5 parties to choose from, and you have a very undecided Dixie!

Part of it is the ideals of my youth have been jaded by the reality that there isn't always an obvious right way to go. I think I'm in that in between phase. The jaded phase. And in a few years, I will just give into the reality that choices need to be made, inadequate as they all may be.

The past few elections here in Canada I've done more of a protest vote than choosing the party I thought best (because I just couldn't see that there was one!).

Kansas Bob said...

I shared the heart of your words at our men's group Monday morning. The mudslinging attack ads on TV are an indictment to the way that ignorant voters can be swayed in our country.

Don Hendricks said...

Dixie, I understand where you are at about the system as a whole.

Bob, thanks as always for your comments, Bring back IKE, or at least more civility to our politics and more content to our character.

Anonymous said...

I would have said that as a child my parents were democrat. Certainly Dad was a very strong union man during his years in Indianapolis.
Love Judy

Don Hendricks said...

They were definitely republican during our years in Alabama, it was probably George Wallace that turned them away. You could be right though Judy, they never discussed politics with me.