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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Interpretive pluralism

or Biblicism, is the belief that every verse, speaks to every person in an understandable way, making the bible a handbook for life, and that furthermore, when two sincere persons read the test of scripture literally they will come to one unified conclusion on any text.

The problem is that this has not happened, there are plural meanings and interpretations of almost all key issues in the Bible, so much so that we have divided and segregated ourselves from those with differing opinions so that today we simply call them views.  Views of free will, views of heaven, views of baptism, views of worship,  views of the fate of unbelievers, views on election and reprobation, views on the sovereignty of God, lots of views, little unanimity.

All is not despair when  reading the bible as a narrative, an unfolding story with a point of view, and a context that is really cohesive in its forward look to the new covenant and its links to the past and the present. All the the big issues will be clarified, and we will have a unity at the core. This helps me when I stand to teach or preach. I know there is a message, I must search the context and find the threads in the story to Gospel, and it will be about God and his last day revelation through the Son.

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