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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gettin my groove on

Every year it is getting harder to make the transition from an unstructured week to one filled with appointments, I forgot to do some shopping for Monday until the last minute and I am forgetting to consult the calendar as I ought.  I am glad they have beepers that go off for the things I enter.

I am doing a bunch of followup medical calls this week and trying to stop my right eye from watering profusely.

Yesterday I was invited into the Cath room at the hospital where I was treated to pray for a friend. It was weird seeing the room standing up, as we are carted in and out and see it from lying down.

I also had a reunion with one of my lovely nurses from my January repair job.

Our choir director plays two instruments professionally and is over committed playing with three or four groups, and the whole question of staying busy and active over against sitting on a couch or being inactive is always before us. I like being active, but I need to be grooved in.

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