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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Calm

There is a calm before a storm, and a calm after the storm. They are different. One requires preparation, the other, damage control and cleanup.

Living for a period of my life in Hurricane alley in the gulf coast taught me that storms are a part of life, and that we have work to do before, during and after each storm. But the calm, the realization that you have done all you can and accepting your fate and the changes that will follow is a part of it.

Am I talking about Sandy? Or the Election of 2012? Or my health? Or Life?

All of the above.

I am calm about the future, but there will always be in my life from now until I die, the need for damage control, the need for cleanup, and the need to go forward with what is left after the storm, for good or ill.

The Lord is my Shepherd, through life, through the valley, through death, to the final dwelling place.

God bless those picking up after Sandy, all of American who will live with the decision made in a week.

P.S. I have reached my free limit for photos stored on blogger so I was not allowed to post a picture today, will make some choices about what to do. Also, I finally got some serious meds yesterday to deal with what is now called "walking pneumonia".

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