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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Day of Rest

Yesterday was lost to the world, with a chest full of congestion I slept most of the day, taking over the counter medicine, and finally making a huge pot of my own chicken soup, which cures the soul.

Every muscle in my chest and stomach is sore from coughing, but today I am back at work and feeling more stable.

I will be so glad to get past this election season. It brings out the worst polarization in us who would normally live and work together as citizens in a culture with broad viewpoints. If my candidate wins or loses I will still have to live with the outcome. I voted by mail yesterday, my deed is done. I love my country. God have mercy, God bless us all.

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Kansas Bob said...

Sorry to hear of the pain Don. Glad you are feeling better. Healing prayers coming your way from KC.