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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hes been gone so long, his influence lingers

This is DRI owned Kannapali Beach Club in Maui, they are offering great deals on Amazon to visit. Just don't drink the Kool-aid.

We all assume our Biblical views come directly from the Bible, but mostly they come from systems of thought developed over time. These systematic theologies form world views that are very hard for each individual to challenge   We learn when we are young and we have truths about God imprinted from our early learning, our favorite teachers, our denominational literature and creeds.I have found that even those who say they are willing to change if shown they are wrong have so many built in defenses that changing views is nigh on impossible without some real world view challenge.

To be post Augustinian is to confess that some of the ways in which Christianity formed itself from his early writings needs to be challenged and changed. When the fortress of thought comes under attack, it will be defended by those who have lived under its ramparts, but if it is a "tradition of the elders" it will not ultimately stand because God will not be on its side

God is "the Last Thing of the creature. Gained, He is its paradise; lost, He is its hell; as demanding, He is its judgment; as cleansing, He is its purgatory.

This is a quote from Augustine which seems to imply that when we meet our Maker, He becomes what we deserve, need and must experience. Rewards for some, punishments for some.....cleansing for all????? A purging time?????

Maybe I am not as post Augustinian as I thought, maybe he saw the bigger picture of ultimate restoration and restorative justice.

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