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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

This is my current Timothy Green who teaches me about life from his perspective everytime we are together. Caught the film on its run through the dollar cinema and was enchanted by it. It brought back memories of small town life in Oneonta NY where the fall colors were so spectacular and the leaf raking season so much a part of life in the northeast. I can still smell the odour of burning leaves and the joy of falling into a huge pile of them. The movie is about giving parents who desperately desire a child a chance, and whatever power that produced Timothy Green enabled him to represent for the movie goer everything that is good and right and joyful and the mistakes and fulfilments of raising children. It presented Asheville NC in all its glory as well, and demonstrated that real life is what we give away in love. Who cares if it was a corny set up, this is what story telling is all about, this is a chance to be reminded how precious it is to have children to love and protect, to teach and to learn from. Very highly recommended for the saps like me who love a love story.

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