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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mr. Conspiracy Voice

I watched this Hassidic Jewish father lead his family through the museum in Nebraska, it was a hot day and I know he was hot.

I wonder what Mr. Conspiracy Voice does between elections.  He is the guy who turns attack commercials into this sinister secret that he makes you feel he is telling you along over the TV.

I am being cautious in my speech, because frankly, I am weary in my spirit and body. I have had this nagging shoulder pain which robs me of sleep and increases its pain level during the day and I just frankly have not handled it well. In addition I have an eye that refuses to stop watering and my visit to the doctor on that produced no ideas as to how to stop it, although I am on antihistemes for a while to see if its allergy.

All I want to do in the evening is lay down and try to make the dull pain subside. I will beat this thing but I must share that it is clouding my normal enthusiasm for life.

My cardiologist said everything is working normally and see me in three months. He has no idea what to tell me to do other than keep tight control on blood sugar and lose more weight. I am down five since the event,

The shoulder has kept me out of the gym which has not helped my outlook, I believe exercise is therapy for the emotions as well as the body.

The good news about having the blahs is that I do not need to have God do anything, my peace and understanding of Him are more secure that the ups and downs of my physical and emotional state.

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