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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Long life

This is the place they filmed in Soaring Over California when the camera flew into a driven golf ball.
How long is a long life. The Bible says 70 is normal and 80 is a bonus. I keep asking God for some good reports on my heart disease and am cooperating each day with choosing healthy whole foods and high glycemic index carbs, the good kind. I would love to reach 70.

We have two ceiling lights in our bathroom over the shower and the tub. They apparently have an auto off feature which turns them off if they stay on too long. The shower bulb finally gave up the ghost this week and I have not replaced it yet, but when I get in there I want to study the bulb because it have not been changed in ten years of service.  Now that is long life in the life of light bulbs.

Got sent home by the ladies in the office and bible study after coughing my lungs out again, so another day of recuperation.

Here's wishing you and me a long life. And a walk in the light.

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