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Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Last President of my working years

Thought about the Last Forty Years of Presidents 1972-2012 Nixon/Ford 4 Carter 4 years Reagan 8 years Bush 1 4 years Clinton 8 years Bush 2 8 years Obama 4 years Forty Years Republican had the Office for 24 of the last forty, Democrats 16. After this next term I will be 66 and at the end of my working life, although I am not sure preachers really retire if they are able to help churches with preaching. I am pretty sure a lot of political ups and downs occured, a lot of mistakes were made, a lot of compromises made. I am pretty sure lots of life was lived, some news saddened me, some encouraged me, some infuriate me. However, the next President has to protect the retirement investments of those who contributed to social security, and provide for some kind of medicare benifits, and providing for a strong defense. This next four years are important in my journey, and I suspect....in yours.


Dixie said...

This post made me wonder if you've seen the movie J Edgar with Leonardo Di Caprio. It's not about a president, but about a significant portion of US history and Leo does a fantastic job. Remarkable how the years (and the presidents) go by!

Kansas Bob said...

I miss the years when the president seemed to like (or at least work with) folks in congress. Everything is partisan and political these days.