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Saturday, October 27, 2012

An epic tale of good vs. evil

I am a total fan of pictures that deal with time and eternity and major life issues. Cloud Atlas is not for people offended by lanquage and graphic content, it is a long, complicated, morality tale about mankinds ability to trample on the downtrodden or to use greed, power, and violence to rule the world. I was impressed by the effort, and I think the movie will be panned by many but I saw the heart of the message that ties together six different times and stories in a clever way, one with a blockbuster revelation. We must fight evil wherever it manifests in our lives and we must practice kindness and caring for we are all related, we make a better life or a nightmare existence. All this movie going represents an entrance back into life after a week of feeling real low, my lung are still way to congested to try breathing the are of a golf course, but just getting with friends for a meal and conversation on my day off was good.

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Anonymous said...

Don, I am glad you are feeling somewhat better. I have good news and bad news about my catarac surgery. The bad news is my vision is still restricted by the scar tissue on the retina. The good news is that the new lens lets in so much more light that I can drive at night again which is a real plus for me. I really didn't like needing to depend on others to drive me to my evening activities. The miracle is that my brain is able to convert the blurry images of my right eye to very clear periferal vision. So in the distance I even have depth vision. Went to dinner at our sister church and drive home in the dark. yeah@
Love Judy Hi to Laura