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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Widening my circle of friends

A group shot at the recent Mexico shelter construction.

Most believers are theological snobs. We hang out with an approved list of thinkers, writers, teachers and have a list we look at with lesser enthusiasm.

When I went on my personal search to rediscover who God is and what the gospel is, I found myself reading outside my box, and being blessed.

Eventually I decided to spend time at conferences other than those blessed by my group. Part of that was because as an independent pastor, I really no longer had a group, but part of it was to see how other groups functioned.

I did notice that people in a particular denomination or movement had their own set of proper talk, heroes, boxes ect., just the fact that they were different was refreshing to me, and helpful in my own journey.

In my series on the Grace of God, I read Church Swindoll, a Dallas Dispensational, and Phillip Yancy, a bit of a counter culture hip generation writer, and I was just given Joseph Prince, a mega church young dude out on the charismatic edge,...and I felt that tinge of snobbishness. I am going to give it a good reread from a year or two ago. It's a process, this growth in grace.

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