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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Remembering Jim B

Dear friends from other parts of the country, you just have to come here to see the crazy cactus varieties we have in the desert, this dude had some kind of giant head at the top.

Sometimes the life we live toward the end contains great suffering. I met Jim when called to comfort him. His wife died in her sleep and we stood by the bed and prayed.

He came, joined, and loved our church and was finding new friends and enjoying life, when a small plane crash took his son and wife and passenger.

Lawyers were hired by various parties, and Jim's life became a legal nightmare representing his son's estate.

He battled sleepless nights, less than kind thoughts toward lawyers and estranged family members.....and it is over, and he slipped through the door to the next world.

He last came to my office to give me a book by Billy Graham, Nearing Home, telling me how much it helped him, that book became the source for my January ministry which blessed others, and of course he did not know how close to home he was. I will miss him as a great friend.

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