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Thursday, March 8, 2012

America's Team

The Dolpins greatest season occured during my college years and we loved them.

I am not much of a football fan. I wait for the playoffs. I loved the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, and the Indianapolis Colts when they were winning.

My senior year in college I was given tickets to three Ole Miss Games, and watched Archie Manning play. I also saw Pistol Pete Maravich shoot 60 points at an Old Miss Basketball game. Archie and his future wife were there.

I suffered through Archie and the New Orleans Aints, but was so inspired to see the way he loved his boys and his family and kept up his church going, (I don't know his heart), and played football in the backyard with his boys, teaching them the fundamentals.

This is a sensitive subject for me because I failed my own boys by being too busy to do that.

I loved the Payton Manning years with the Colts. Thank you Payton, may you get healed and give some other team the benefit of your skills.

So...you know your getting old the when the children of your favorite retired quarterback are getting near retirement from the sport, and by the way, Phoenix is a nice place to live.

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