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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Hope of a Restored Creation

Father is an artist, and spring and summer show His love of beauty and color.

For three weeks I have spoken about shrinking the doctrine of the final end of the wicked away for "eternal conscious torment", to include other possibilities, ie, annihilation, or ultimate reconciliation.

It is an emotional topic and many are fully invested in the views they have been taught. So I shared some of the hope I have derived from my studies and shared the larger hope I have been researching.

Today I shared that once you see the thematic importance of restoration, and realize that God moves from age to age and not from time to eternity, you have the wiggle room for God to be both just and merciful, not only in this evil eon we call the age of grace, but in the eons to come, when God may release those who have realized what they have done to harm others and self in this life, and bow the knee, late, and chastised as Father continued to be the reconciler of the lost sons and daughters of Adam. Then sin and death and hades and everything become God's all in all, for all the coming eons.

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